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In 2020 we felt the time was right to add to the Brandelle Family & after much discussion it was decided that we would love to be owned by a Golden Retriever! We wanted to have some fun with the Newfoundland Gang in the water & for Jess to do showing with too,
We were put in contact with Bernadette & Neal at Bermary Goldens & went along & met the Gang. That was is, we were smitten & in December 2020 we were very lucky to welcome Jem into our lives!
She is such a wonderful dog to have, she has been having some success in the ring with Jess & qualified for Crufts in 2022 & 2023, in 2023 being placed in a class too.. we are very proud!
We have loved watching Jem growing up with her Mum Jess & look forward to seeing more of what they do together, as well as Olly has also been known to go in the ring with her!

We are always grateful to the Bermary Family for all they have done for us & continue to do with advice & guidance!