Rainbow Bridge!

We are very sad to write that in June 2011, after living to to Grand age of 16 we said Goodbye to Elsa (Townsons Rainbow). Our much loved labrador who gave us many, many happy memories through her life. She was an honorary Newfoundland too as she went to all their events with her big pals.

May she rest in peace at the Bridge.. Until we meet again Elsa, Run Free………… xxx

In September 2009 we had to say goodbye to our wonderful boy Scooby, he is missed so much by us all,we had so much fun with him in the time we had with us!






There is a bridge up in heaven, as with all bridges they are there to cross over. The saying goes that when a loved animal goes before its owner, it waits for them at the bridge so that they may cross the bride to eternal life together.

We at Brandelle have been very proud to be owned by such wonderful animals, horses, dogs & small furries too & one day we will be re-united with them all!