Which Breed ?

Over the year’s we have owned a few breeds between us & have learned alot from them, the different traits they have, the fun we have had with them & of course the sad times but we wouldn’t change it for the world!

Each Breed we have owned & still own we have chosen, but we have also done our research first as to whether its the right breed for us, their needs & demands can in some cases be more than people can cope with & that is why it is wise to choose carefully as the 8 week old fluffy bundle of fur you take home will be with you for many many years!!

Starting to look for the right breed for you & your family can come down to a number of factors, do you work full time & are away from home alot? Are you able to go on long walks for miles or prefer to take shorter walks? Do you have a large Garden? Do you have children at home? What hobbies & interests do you have? Even things like what Vehicle do you drive, a Newfoundland won’t fit well in the back of a Corsa!

It is often worth going to events to see the different breeds, such as Discover Dogs, Championship Dog Shows, Ring craft Clubs, Agility cubs, that’s just to name a few there are so many events that you can go & see different breeds & you will usually find most people are more than happy to tell you about their dog!

So now you have decided on the right breed for you, its time to start looking at Breeders & puppies, or maybe even rescue as most breeds have their own! There are a number of key things to look out for when picking a breeder & there are many websites that give you guidelines such as the Kennel Club has very valuable advice & most breeds also have a Breed Club.

Research really is key & getting the right dog means you will have years of fun..Just like we at Brandelle have & still are having!

These pages will when completed give you an insight into the Breeds we own & have owned & hopefully be of some use!

Alaskan Malamutes



The Samoyed.  Beautiful stunning white coat and big happy smile.  Many folk are captivated by this beautiful dog but without appreciating its heritage, it can be a disaster waiting to happen.  The Samoyed originates in Siberia with the nomadic Samoyede people.  As with any nomadic group everything has to have a purpose and the Samoyed …

Golden Retrievers