These pages are to show you in pictures about what we do with our dogs to keep them exercised & having fun, doing what working dogs were mean’t to do… !




Photograph courtesy of Paulina Soltysiak

Working Malamutes

This page is to tell you about what we do with the Mals & Sammy to keep them doing the sports they love to take part in!  It isn’t about winning or losing but about taking part! One of our greatest working achievements was when Scooby, along with his pal Kodi became the first UK …

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WORKN (22)

Working Newfoundland’s

On this page we will tell you all about the acheivements that Jess & Herbie have in thier working roles, whether it be Drafting or Water Testing & training.Jess & Herbie train regularly with the Canis Major group & attend events all over the regions in their working fields.   Successes So far! Herbie :   …

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