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Working Malamutes

This page is to tell you about what we do with the Mals & Sammy to keep them doing the sports they love to take part in!  It isn’t about winning or losing but about taking part!

One of our greatest working achievements was when Scooby, along with his pal Kodi became the first UK bred Malamutes to acheive the working title in the UK. They were both awarded WPD titles after carrying 30% of their body weight over 30 miles!


Jazz  competed in 4 seasons of rallies with Scooby, her brother & partner in crime, they had their finest hour when they were 3 rd at Broxa in 2008!  They had a reputation to uphold though, if you ever saw them at the start you would think they were a certain bet for 1st place, but they were just very good actors & once out of sight went back to enjoying their little plod round the course! But it was brilliant, they taught Mark alot about mushing & every race they started, they finished with a smile on their faces!  Jazz is now enjoying her retirement, although was not impressed when Em took her out of retirement to compete in a Cani X event in November 2010, they weren’t last either!


Toroq’s racing career began with Mark taking him in the scooter classes, he loves working & is a steady worker too. The last 2 seasons he has been lucky enough to compete with Chaska his girlfriend. They have held their own & once again have completed every race they started!


Toroq & Scooby have also competed in Weight Pull events held by the AMCUK.  In the first season Scooby was second place over all in the championship & Toroq has also acquired his WWPD title for his achievements! Something we hope to continue with him!